What is a scrappy rug?

What is a Scrappy Rug?

I received an email from a new rug hooker asking “what is a scrappy rug?”  The term is widely used in rug hooking circles and we just assume everyone knows what we are talking about.  As a new rug hooker, you have not accumulated a “wool stash” yet.  However, each project will leave you with left-over strips we call worms.  Eventually, you will have bags, boxes or bins full of worms of every colour and a scrappy pattern is in order.  Scrappy rugs can be anything that uses up lots of this stash.  The challenge is to hook these rugs without cutting more strips.  Geometrics, hit and miss, and inch mats all qualify as scrappy rugs.

Examples of Scrappy Rugs

These photos represent scrappy rugs that I have hooked throughout the years.  They are some of my favourite because they work really great in any style home.  But most of all they are great fun to work on because it doesn’t require a lot of planning and preparing and in most cases you work with what you have on hand.

2 thoughts on “What is a Scrappy Rug?”

  1. Brenda G Thompson

    WOW! Love your oak leaves rug!

    So is there a size limitation? How do I know how many worms it will take to make a rug? Can I use different cuts in the scrappy rug?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Thanks Brenda. Depends on which leaves rug you mean. There are two in the blog post but either can be made bigger and customized. Its is hard to judge how many worms it will take however a large rug will take quite a bit. If you don’t have a stash yet, gather up wool and fold 4 times and that will show the area it will cover. Then you can judge how much wool you will need. I use different size cuts all the time, just make sure to pull them up all the same height.


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