One Design – Two Mediums

Eugenia Koumpouli is an embroiderer who creates her own designs.  As you may be aware, the studio has acquired the license to produce these embroidery designs into rug hooking patterns.   The photos of her designs on the website are pictures of her actual embroideries and not a hooked mat.  How do these appear when hooked?  Can one medium be substituted for another in fiber art?  Not always but in rug hooking almost any design can be hooked into a fabulous mat as long as it is enlarged enough to accommodate the chosen cut of wool.  Below is an example of this comparison in the “Swirls” pattern by Eugenia.  The first is of the design embroidered by Eugenia and the second photo is of the same design hooked by Diane Caruso.  The hooked mat is much larger than the embroidered version and was easily hooked with a wider cut.  If you have completed a pattern by Eugenia, I would love to share them here.  Feel free to email me your photos.

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Swirls deisng embroidered by Eugenia Koumpouli

swirls by diane caruso




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