Love a Pattern but Want it Larger?

There is growing interest in creating larger or room sized rugs lately and I applaud those who take on the challenge of a long term project such as this.  It is incredibly satisfying to complete a rug that will become a significant feature of your rooms décor.  Step one is selecting a design but there are so few patterns available in large, room sized patterns that it can be off putting if your are not able to draw your own design.  The solution is to look at smaller sized patterns and see if the design can be repeated to create a large rug.  A spectacular example is this rug hooked by Susan Grant.  The studio’s “Cheltenham” pattern was selected as the design and we repeated it nine times in order to obtain the size that Susan required.  It is not always possible but this pattern repeated beautifully.  Susan did an amazing job of colour planning and hooking this heirloom rug that will be cherished for generations.  Well done Sue.

The photos show Sue’s completed 8×10 rug, a close up detail of the rug and the original pattern of Cheltenham.

Grant Cheltenham Detail 4



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