One rug hooking pattern two different styles

One Rug Hooking Pattern — Two Different Styles

One of the most fascinating aspects of this rug hooking business is seeing how varied in style a completed pattern can be when hooked by different rug hookers. In person and by emailed photos, I am fortunate to see the incredible finished rugs that started out as drawings on linen. I am always amazed at how different each rug looks. Different colour plans, hooking styles and even fibers will create a completely unique rug even though it has begun as a commercial pattern.

As an experiment, I decided to hook the pattern “Festive” by Sarah Skrlj in two ways. A traditional colour plan in a finer cut, and a non-traditional colour plan in a wide cut.  Same pattern, two completely different mats.

"Festive" design by Sarah Skrlj
“Festive” design by Sarah Skrlj
:Festive" design by Sarah Skrlj
“Festive” design by Sarah Skrlj

Another example of this are the two “Frolic” rugs.  The first was hooked very traditionally by Audrey Milward and the second by Diane Caruso.

Diane used sari ribbon for her fish and some areas of the water and her hooking style is more painterly.  Audrey hooks in very neat lines and Diane’s style is very free form or as we like to say “Higgledy Piggledy”.  The results are two wonderful, unique mats.  To those that are just beginning their journey into rug hooking, I would recommend looking at many different examples of rugs and determine which style speaks to you.  The internet is a treasure trove of inspiration.

"Frolic" hooked by Audrey Milward
“Frolic” hooked by Audrey Milward
"Frolic" hooked by Diane Caruso
“Frolic” hooked by Diane Caruso
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