Custom Rug Complete!

hochstein rug completedThis project began in June and I just completed it yesterday.  The rug measures 8′ 6″ x 13′ 6″.  The wool used is both dyed and “as is” wool. The entire rug was hooked in horizontal lines to mimic a woven rug.   I believe it is my 2nd largest rug to date.  I have hooked more than a few room size rugs and have to say that there is nothing quite as satisfying as completing a long term project such as this.  I encourage anyone that has thought of hooking a large rug and am happy to offer any advise based on my experiences.  In an older post, I wrote about hooking large rugs and offered tips and truths for those who want to take this journey.  As for this rug,  its journey ends tomorrow when it gets settled in its new home.

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