An Awesome “Day in the Country” BBQ & Hook IN

WHAT  A  SUPER  DAY!   Thank you everyone for attending our first annual “A Day in the Country” BBQ and Hook In.  The weather was my main concern but as it turned out, it was a beautiful day.   I want to thank everyone who brought treats for our dessert table (so decadent and plentiful!)  I especially want to thank my family for their tireless help these last couple of days.  Their help with food preparation, set up, valet parking, bbq, studio help and so much more allowed me to create this day for a wonderful group of supportive people….you!

6 thoughts on “An Awesome “Day in the Country” BBQ & Hook IN”

  1. Thank you , Martina for a lovely day. You and your family went above and beyond in making us feel welcome and weather even cooperated.

  2. Susan Sutherland

    It was a wonderful day, truly what I think Hookers’ Heaven should be when I get there! Thank you and your wonderful family for an extraordinary day.

  3. Martina, family & friends – thank you so much for the lovely day. It was my first outdoor hookin and I am a convert. Absolutely every little detail was graciously taken care of resulting in a wonderful day.

  4. Thank you so much for a wonderful day. Who could ask for more, good company, good food and a host that has thought of everything. Your family is a treasure!! Thanks again.

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