“What Do I Do With It” Part 5

Many people don’t hook floor rugs because they have wall to wall carpeting.  In the past, it was considered taboo to place a rug on top of carpeting.  Today however, it is all about layering.  Done right, layered floor treatments can transform a room.  This photo shows how to do it right!  Simple but a lot of wow factor.  The beige carpeting is the perfect base for this geometric runner hooked in a neutral palette.   The transition between the two is subtle which allows the eye to move along the room uninterrupted.  It is the geometric design that adds interest to the space rather than color.  As a matter of fact, it is the absence of color in this runner that makes this room exceptional.

There are benefits in layering your rugs.  On the practical side, if your carpeting is showing signs of wear, placing a hooked rug over the carpet is a quick fix until you decide to replace the carpeting.  Layering your floor coverings also allows you to easily change the style of mat to keep up with new design trends.  This rug was designed and hooked by Jane Fournie, who has an incredible flair for design.  Notice the little basket in the doorway…Jane also hooks mats for the tops of these antique baskets.  Perhaps a future article.

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