“What Do I Do With It” Part 4

Many hooked pieces today are incredible, intricate works of art that are not suitable as a floor mat.  These mats are best viewed at eye level to appreciate the detail and fine work of the artist.  Art mats can be framed or unframed.  Hanging your piece on the wall is of course the most common and obvious place to display your artwork.  However, there are other areas in your home where your hooked work can be featured.    This bookshelf is the perfect space for two small pictorials.  Arranging decorative and artistic elements amongst your book collection will be much more visually appealing than just a wall of books.  These two small framed pictorials were hooked by Yvonne Lane and are part of Jane Fournie’s collection.  The simple black frames enhance the pieces without detracting from the artwork.  Jane arranged the books so that the framed mats would fit perfectly in the space.  If your space is larger than your piece, a plate stand is ideal for displaying your art.  When arranging your shelves, it is best to avoid centering your artwork.  Off center placement is visually more appealing.  Bookshelves and tablescapes are the perfect space to feature small artworks.  I hope that these photos will inspire you to “think off the wall” and see the potential of alternative display areas in your own home.

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