“What Do I Do With It” Part 3















Table mats!  What a wonderful way to display your hooked pieces.  If you are looking for a reason to hook something small then this photo is sure to be an inspiration.  Debbie Pirtovsek hooked our pattern “Tristan”, a design by Sarah Skrlj, to compliment her blue and white décor.   Mats add a softness to a tablescape as well as serve to protect the wood from scratches, heat and water marks.  Visually, a mat will pull together your decorative elements by giving you a base on which to arrange your display.  Sort of a canvas for your table.  When deciding on your table mat, consider the shape of your table as well as placement of your objects.  A runner is perfect for a long table and my preference for a round table is a square mat.   It is wise to have an idea as to where on the mat you will be placing objects.  If you are displaying something in the centre then you would most likely want to avoid a pattern where the main element is in the centre.  Chose instead a design with an all over pattern.  After all, you don’t want to obscure the best part of the mat.

I have hooked and used quite a few table mats over the years and I have found that for the stability of objects that will be placed on it, it is best to avoid very high hooked loops.  If you prefer not to have your candles toppling over then its best not to exceed a 1/4 inch height.  With so many shapes and styles now available it will be hard to resist making just one.  This is a space where your mat can be changed with the seasons, and since it is a small piece it hooks up quickly.  Perfect as a hostess gift too.

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