“What Do I Do With It” Part 6

We have all hooked small mats that we use as trivets.   Many of those little gems are stored away in drawers due to the lack of places to display them without overwhelming our homes with too many hooked pieces.  A brilliant use for a small mat is a tray liner.  Jane Fournie’s photo shows how a vintage hooked mat used as a liner in her antique wooden serving tray adds a colorful accent to this wonderful tablescape.  The tray acts as a frame where you can arrange your treasures in a decorative display incorporating your small hooked mats.  Trays come in all sizes and your existing mat may be smaller than your tray, but take a close look at the photo.  The mat in the tray is actually much smaller than the base of the tray.  Jane effectively used this by offsetting the mat and arranging mugs on the unlined area of the tray to create a lovely, well balanced vignette.   These mats can also be changed with the seasons and holidays.  What a wonderful way to enhance your holiday décor!   So get those small mats out of storage and fall in love with them all over again.


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