The “What Do I Do With It?” Series

Your mat is hooked and now you may be wondering where to put it.  Most people have a space in mind when selecting a hooking project but many are destined to be rolled up and stored away because it was created purely for the joy of hooking.  Too many times have I heard that many beautiful rugs have taken up residence rolled up under the bed!  What a shame!  It’s time to bring out these treasures and enjoy them in our everyday lives.  If you don’t have the space for them all, think about occasionally switching them up with the seasons.  We have all seen many photos of fabulous hooked rugs but seldom do we see them in the space for which they were created.  The “What Do I Do With It” series of posts will feature photos of rugs in use.  The first rug “in its place” is a runner hooked by Jane Fournie.  I custom sized my “Primitive Geometric” pattern to accommodate her very long hallway. She hooked it in every shade of blue and cream to create this stunning piece.  SPEC-TAC-U-LAR!  This is not a difficult design to hook and the result is impressive.  This is a 13 foot plus long hallway and narrow, therefore, adding a mat with a horizontal element visually widens the space.  Since the space is too narrow to accomodate any furniture, the rug adds warmth and decorative interest to an otherwise empty hallway.  With this series of posts I hope you will be inspired to create your own mats to grace your home and enjoy them everyday. 


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