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As a rug designer, I strive to create patterns that will appeal to a large variety of tastes.  We all have personal preferences when choosing a pattern that will grace our homes.  I have been asked several times what I create for my own home.  Easy answer…geometrics.  Oh and leaves….I have a soft spot for anything natural.   However, as much as I like the clean lines and classic appeal of a geometric, I prefer to create “imperfect” geometrics.  The hand drawn line is much more organic than using a ruler to measure out precise dimensions and razor straight lines.  I love the handcrafted results of a hooked piece when you abandon the ruler and trust your eye and hand.  The imperfections are what endear a hooked piece to me.  Geometric and abstract designs are timeless and beautiful additions in today’s contemporary spaces.  Interior designs are continually changing which can present a problem if you have invested in ‘style specific’ pieces in your home.  Not so with geometric designs.  Whether your geometric is simplistic or complex, it is a design that will transition beautifully into any style you choose to create in your home.

A “Geometrics and Abstracts” category has now been added to my “Martina Lesar Designs” line of patterns.  I will continue to add new designs to this category as I complete the hooked pieces.  The beauty of many of these designs is that each one is unique since it is hand drawn and can be custom sized by increasing or decreasing the repeats.  Your custom requests are welcome.


Antique church pew with Whirlpools and Currents hooked runner
Diamonds and Diamonds and Rainbow Pillows
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