“What Do I Do With It” Part 2













My absolute favourite thing to do with a hooked rug?  Use it on the floor.   If you have never experienced the luxurious feeling of walking on a hooked rug in bare feet then it is time you consider creating a rug exactly for this purpose.    This rug was custom created for a client’s newly renovated bathroom.  Wool was custom dyed to co-ordinate with colors that are in the fabric and paint.  If you study the space you can imagine that a small rug in front of the vanity and one in front of the tub would break up the space.  One large rug makes the area appear more spacious because it allows the eye to move uninterrupted across the area.  In many bathrooms we are limited as to where we can add textiles or patterns.  The floor is an outstanding space where you can add a rug which will create warmth as well as a decorative element to complement your design.

Some may balk at the thought of stepping out of a tub, soaking wet, onto their hooked rug but we have to remember that the materials we are using today are incredibly durable.  Wool is naturally water resistant as well as preshrunk and if you are using a linen foundation, you have a rug that will withstand damp conditions.  After all the time you put into creating a hooked rug, you deserve to be the one who relishes the cushy softness beneath your feet.

FYI:  This rug measures 5×7

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