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Hooking a Plaid

Large plaids are a bonus for rug hooking.  Plaids such as our Algonquin Gold, Muskoka Moss and Red Canoe offer three different looks in one piece of wool.  I hooked this little mat to demonstrate the variety of values and color I got from just these three wools.  After cutting, I separated the light and dark strips and hooked them in a painterly style to create light and shadows in the leaves.  To create a spotty effect, the different values can be randomly hooked into your pattern.   I have always coveted multi use wools such as plaids and stripes which was the inspiration for my first line of wool.

3 thoughts on “Hooking a Plaid

  1. Great Martina! Happy I bought some and washed it….😜

  2. I just ordered the wool mentioned above. Also, I’m a newbie to rug hooking and want to know how to wash the wool. Is it the same way you wash a wool sweater? Woolite? Thanks.

    1. Hi Elizabeth. Thanks for your order. Im sending you wool that has been washed and is ready to go. For future reference…wash wool in regular cycle with warm water and detergent. Woolite is fine. I use regular detergent. Dry in dryer. I find that if you are washing only a few pieces of wool, its best to throw it in with your towels.

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