Hooking With Silk Sari Ribbon

Wool is the fabric of choice for rug hooking.  However, today we are exploring new techniques and new fibers.  A few fiber artists have been incorporating alternative materials in their work for years and now it seems our curiosity has been peaked. Today there is great interest in exploring the possibilities that alternative fibers offer.   Silk sari ribbon creates a texture and sheen that is unique.  The colors are absolutely vibrant which we seldom, if ever, see in wool.  It is a wonderful fiber that offers a new element in our mats.   Jane Fournie was inspired by the rich colors of our “Studio Line Silk Sari Ribbon” to design this magnificent mat.  This is her first piece incorporating silk and alternative fibers and it is a “show stopper”.   If Jane’s mat has inspired you to explore hooking with silk sari, then I encourage you check out the full line of colours available on the website or better yet, stop in for a visit at the studio to see the incredible selection.

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