Painterly Leaves Workshop

A workshop on the technique of hooking my painterly style leaves is  scheduled for Sunday March 8th 2020 and a second date for Sunday March 15th 2020.  This is a one day workshop where I will demonstrate the methods I use to create unique leaves using a variety of textured and dyed wools.    It is a style that is extremely creative,  where you are encouraged to paint with wool.  You are welcome to use your pattern or mine.  If planning to hook with a wide cut, select a leaf pattern that is larger in scale.   Originally I had taught this as a wide cut workshop, however I have since used this technique using a #4 cut and the results were wonderful as well, therefore,  you can choose to work in whatever cut you prefer.

If you would like a small project for this workshop, I can draw a single leaf from any of my patterns.    You are encouraged to bring along any wool you would like to use in your leaf.    The more variety of the chosen colour, the better.  Select the color that you would like to use  and bring along any wool that you have in your stash that is in that colour family. Eg.  Red leaf: dark red, red, orange/red, etc  Textures or plaids are invaluable,  so include those as well.  If you don’t have any suitable wool, not to worry as the studio has a wonderful selection.

Supply List:

Pattern, hoop or frame, hook suitable for the cut you are using, scissors, wool (as described above),  and lunch.  Please note that the class is on the second level of the studio with only stair access.


Select Date of Class:  Sunday March 8th 2020 or Sunday March 15th 2020

Time:  10:00 – 2:00 (try to arrive by 9:30)

To register email me at  Seating is limited.

Teacher:  Martina Lesar

Cost:  60.00 (no refunds within two weeks of class) If weather is a factor, then we will reschedule.

Contact Information:  Tel:  (905)838-3022  Email:

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Painterly leaves hooked in a fine cut

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