Over Dyed Textures!!!

We are pleased to introduce our new over dyed texture collection.  The subtle colour variations achieved when overdyeing a patterned wool are incomparable and the colour possibilities are endless.  To demonstrate the effects of hooking with these wools, the outermost background of this leaf mat was hooked with our Peacock over dyed texture.  It creates movement and interest from a single piece of wool.  It paired beautifully with our Peacock Medium mottled wool to create more contrast and intensity toward the center and around the leaves.  I invite you to view the collection on the website https://martinalesar.com/product-category/wool-fibers/over-dyed-textures/ or in studio.  We will continue to expand the collection in new and exciting palettes and will add them to the website as they are developed.  We are looking forward to premiering the complete line at our “A Day In the Country”  BBq and hook in.

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