Roseland Rug Hooking Frame

The “Roseland Rug Hooking Sit On Frame” formerly known as the “Boorman” frame has arrived.  John Boorman retired earlier this year and passed on his frame business to a European trained master cabinetmaker who handcrafts each frame to the exacting standards  that John has always maintained.  Flannel gripper frame covers are also available for the Roseland frame.


12″ x 16″ frame

Gripper strips are angled to allow for maximum gripping power.  They are also mounted into metal channels so they can be replaced if necessary.  I have been using my frame with gripper strips for over 10 years and have not had to replace my gripper strips.

Tapered paddle for comfort!  No edges allows you to hook for hours comfortably.

Ball joint allows you to tilt and turn your work 360 degrees.

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