Raven, Conker, Dandelion and Fern


22″ x 29″

Studio exclusive pattern by rug hooking artist Bear Epp of Common Craft is hand drawn on linen suitable for cuts #4 and up. Each pattern is carefully drawn on the straight of the grain with a 3” – 4” allowance for your hoop or frame. Patterns includes a colour copy of the artist’s original pattern.  All patterns are copyright protected.

The Forgotten Language of Nature pattern series is in response to The Lost Words, an illustrated book of nature words that have fallen out of common usage among today’s children. Words, now, so rarely used that they cease to exist as entries in the Oxford Junior Dictionary. Each pattern is a celebration and lamentation of these lost words; bluebells, barn owls, acorns, hares and more combined with darker images of bloodshed and tears as a comment on the beauty and tragic loss of the connection between childhood and the natural world.

Forgotten Language of Nature

Raven, Conker, Dandelion and Fern



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