Handcrafted Footstool


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This item does not ship to the US.  Canadian orders only.  Handcrafted in Ontario by Tetome House, these footstools have been custom designed to accommodate a hooked mat. The mat sits inside the top so that no installation is required which also allows you to switch out the mat for changing decor or even seasonally. Offered in unfinished (Poplar) or finished (Cherry)
Size is approx 19 length x 13 wide x 10 high
Finishing recommendation from Tetome House:
If staining the poplar stools, look for oil based Gel Stains. I have tested stains on poplar before and found these
work best, they are thicker and leave a more even surface. Regular stains,that are less viscous, do not take to it very well and leave a blotchy finish. These can be found at home depot and other big box stores.

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