Woodstock Fleece Festival 2018

Do you work with wool?  Then the Woodstock Fleece Festival is THE event of the year.  Each year we look forward to participating as vendors where we showcase our newest products for wool fiber artists.  There is an incredible line up of vendors offering all varieties of wool products from raw goods to finished items.  This year our line of hand dyed wools will be extensive.  We will be showcasing our new line of “Studio Natural” dyed wools and over dyed textures in addition our line Dorr dyed wools.  A brilliant selection of silk sari ribbon, yarn and roving for your alternative fiber needs will also be available.  Our complete line of textures including new arrivals due in this week are abundant and irresistible.  Space is always at a premium and this year, due to the volume of new items, we will need to limit the number of patterns that we will bring with us.  If you are interested in a particular pattern, I encourage you to call or email us with your request so that we have one ready for you at our check out counter.  Mark your calendars….Saturday, October 13th 2018!  You can find all the details including a list of vendors on the festival website by clicking on this link https://fleecefestival.com/   We look forward to seeing you!

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