When the Power is Down….Hook On!

Why is it that the power always seems to go down during a major holiday or special event?  This time, it was Easter weekend.  Power went down during an ice storm on Thursday and didn’t come back on until Saturday night.  Thanks to a very hard working hydro crew, my power was restored for Easter Sunday.  Normally I don’t have very much time to spend rug hooking,

Normally I don’t have very much time to spend rug hooking however, I found myself with lots of free time during these three “powerless” days.  So, what do you do when the power goes out?  Hook of course!  It was so nice to be able to get back to my rug hooking without feeling that I really should be catching up with work or home.  No internet, no electricity, no water….as uncomfortable as it sounds it actually gives you a sense of freedom from the everyday pressures to “get things done”.  Et, voila!  Finished my Sunflower mat.

I’m calling this one “Hello Sunshine” because that was my sentiment when the morning light finally arrived after long candlelit nights. This is a new pattern I designed a couple of months ago and is available in two sizes.  13 x 30 and 19 x 45.  You can find it on the pattern pages under “Martina Lesar Designs” or on the “New Arrivals” page. Here’s a link.

Remember, during the month April all patterns are 10% off when you order through the website and save even more with free shipping on orders over 150.00.  Use coupon code “welcome” to apply the discount when checking out.

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