Studio Natural…Perfected!

Not long ago we introduced a new natural wool fabric for dyeing. The reviews were very positive and it sold out quickly.   However, we wanted to hear the negatives too.  Although there weren’t many, we felt we could tweak some aspects to make it exceptional.  We consulted the experts at the mill with our requests and they were able to perfect our Studio Natural.  A higher quality yarn was used in the milling resulting in a softer hand and less lint in your dryer and the weave was tightened up for an exceptional fine cut.  It cuts like a dream on a #3 and it dyes beautifully.  It is soft and fluffy out of the dryer with a nice loft and the weight is generous at 13 ounces.  All this and minimal shrinkage.    This wool does not need to be washed before dyeing.  Our complete line of dyed wools will now be exclusively on our new Studio Natural.  This line will be featured at the OHCG Annual Conference this weekend and we invite you to stop by our booth to see and feel this exceptional wool.  If you will not be attending, email us your request and address for a free sample.  We look forward to seeing you this weekend. 

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