Shading with Silk Sari Ribbon

Ever since it arrived in the studio, our Rainbow Silk Sari Ribbon had me intrigued.  It inspired me to create a large scale single tulip pattern which would allow the silk to shine.  The entire tulip is hooked in silks.  The flower is hooked in the Rainbow #2 and the solid Studio Line Silk Sari col. Peony.   Grass and Forest were used for the stem and leaves.  I outlined the flower in a deep magenta yarn after the hooking was complete. Creating the shading on the tulip is effortless with this silk.  I cut the strip from the yellow to the end of the pink and hooked it as is, into the petal.  It automatically created the change from yellow to pink.  “Peony” filled in the bottom section of the tulip.  Nothing was wasted, since I used the green section of the skein and mixed it into the leaves with the other two green silks.   This little mat hooked up very quickly and the 16×16 size is perfect as an accent cushion, table mat or a bold statement on the wall.  The tulip pattern is available in two styles…”Tulip” and “Ruffled Tulip”…. which is next up on my frame.   The “Rainbow Silk” comes in many glorious colours and the solids complement them beautifully.  Both patterns and the silks are all available on the website.  Also available as a  kit.  The silks are under the “Wool” pages under “Alternative Fibers”.  Wholesale inquiries are welcome.

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