Saving Our Planet One Bag at a Time

Rug hooking originated from reusing worn out clothing and yarns. Reduce, reuse and recycle was a way of life and the only means to create rugs that would bring warmth and comfort to a home.  It is encouraging that “upcycling” is still practiced in the fiber arts community, but as consumers we have the power to do more.  The most impactful action is to reject plastic packaging.  Here in the studio our goal is to eliminate the use of plastic wherever possible.  To do our part we designed and ordered custom canvas totes/shopping bags for the studio.  Upon delivery, we discovered that the printing was badly flawed.  Our immediate reaction was to send them back however, the realization that these bags would end up in the landfill because of the imperfections went against the very reason we had them made.  Therefore, we decided to offer these totes as a gift on any purchases over 50.00 made online or in the studio.  Some believe it may be a poor business decision to have these imperfect bags out there advertising our business, but in good conscience we cannot contribute to the problem plaguing our landfills. We hope that you will put them to good use and know that the imperfections are limited to these bags and not a reflection of the quality of goods we strive to bring to the rug hooking community.  The canvas totes measure 18x14x8 which is generous enough to carry your large rug hooking projects and an earth friendly alternative to plastic shopping bags.  It is our hope that in gifting these totes, we will reduce the need for plastic shopping bags and help save our planet one bag at a time. Complimentary totes will be available while supplies last.  FYI…the 10 yards of wool in the bag is not included.

7 thoughts on “Saving Our Planet One Bag at a Time”

  1. I think you are to be commended for addressing the matter this way. Much better to have a useable bag being used. I don’t think this hurts your business at all. Makes you a leader in a world where we need to waste less and take care of our planet. I’d love to own one.

  2. We are all of bit imperfect! Glad no one notices😄. Your tote is lovely. Agree that they are “perfect” for holding all that rug art.

  3. Wendie Scott Davis

    I hope the supplier stepped up and offered some kind of discount on a future order. But it is great that you didn’t return them. You are right – they would have been dumped. And anyone who has bought anything from you already knows about your commitment to quality. This is just something else to add to the “why we love Martina” list.

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