Hooked on Eugenia Koumpouli designs!

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With summer drawing to a close, many of us are looking forward to getting the kids back to school.  I’ve always loved back to school shopping….a fresh start with shiny new supplies.  I get the same feeling when starting a new rug hooking project.  A fresh new start with yummy new wools!  The studio is stocked up with fabulous new wool and patterns to inspire your next project.  A design sure to inspire you is this exquisite pattern by Eugenia Koumpoulis.  As you may know, Eugenia is an embroidery artist and the photos on the website are her designs done as embroideries. There has been much curiosity about how Eugenia’s designs adapt to rug hooking so I’m thrilled to show you her pattern “Sunburst Floral” as a hooked mat.  Katy Debost sent me this photo of her completed rug which she started at the beginning of summer.  Absolutely, beautifully done!  Thank you Katy for allowing me to share it.

Here in the studio, things are getting back to normal after a busy summer of family events and now I’m looking forward to the new season.  New wools have arrived and more are on the way.  We’re back in the dye pots and getting ready for all the fall shows and hook ins.   Check back soon for all the details and dates for  upcoming events.

Welcome back.





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