OHCG Annual Conference – Studio Closed Thursday-Sunday

Every year we resolve to be ready well in advance of the Annual Conference but somehow we end up in a frenzy in the final days trying to get everything done.  This year we had a minor set back as Carla (the studio dyer) was hospitalized for a few days which put us behind schedule.  I’m happy to say that she is recovered, back to work, and dyeing up a storm!   In these last days we are trying to stock up as much as possible however, if you want to guarantee that the items you want are available, you can email or call us to place your order in advance.  Please note that the studio will be closed this week from Thursday Apr. 11- Sunday Apr. 14th.

New!  “Fun Gi” Trivets patterns by Carla Kumer.  Appropriately named as these 11×11 trivets will be fun to hook.  They make wonderful hostess gifts too!  These are now on the website and will be available this weekend.  We look forward to seeing you in London.

2 thoughts on “OHCG Annual Conference – Studio Closed Thursday-Sunday”

  1. Deborah Underwood

    I am coming to London next week. Is there any rug Hooking shops I might see while there?

    1. Not that I am aware of however, if you will be attending the OHCG conference on the weekend there will be many rug hooking vendors all under one roof. Sunday is open to the public.

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