New!! Wool Roving has arrived…

It’s wonderful that we are exploring new fibers in our rug hooking and fiber arts.  To add to the line of Alternative Fibers, we are delighted to introduce our newest product… Wool Roving.  This is an all Canadian product from farm to mill.   The 100% wool rovings are made using predominantly dorset type wool, which is a wool of medium fibre thickness and good durability.  It is excellent for rug hooking, needle felting, spinning and other fiber arts.   They are available in seven collections with each package containing 4 colours totaling approximately 3 1/2 to 4 ounces per package.  These are now available in studio and online on the “New Arrivals” page and the “Alternative Fibers” page under “Wool/Fibers”.         Package price 10.00

The Autumn Collection
The Spring Collection
The Sea and Sky Collection
The Naturals Collection
The Coastal Collection
The Garden Collection

2 thoughts on “New!! Wool Roving has arrived…”

  1. Do you have any guidelines/suggestions/recommendations for how to hook with this fiber? Is it cut or torn into desired widths?

    1. Hi Diana. Each rope of roving is about 3″ thick. To use it for rug hooking, simply pull apart the thickness you want to use down the length of the roving. I give it a little twist and hook it right into my linen. Makes a lovely soft loop. Many of these are a heathered mix resulting in subtle colour variations in the loop.

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