New Patterns and Big Rugs

sarah leah compressedIf you haven’t browsed through the pattern pages for a while, you may find that a number of new patterns have been added to the website.  Among them and pictured here is “Sarah-Leah” (5×7) which I designed for my bedroom and  just completed.




Prancer, also pictured here, is a new addition  and the first design of a new holiday collection which will be added soon.

prancer compressedThere is  growing interest in hooking large rugs and I am often asked many questions when people see large patterns on my frame.  Many would love to tackle a major project such as this but feel it would be too overwhelming.  In reality, large rugs are just a few smaller ones combined.  Im often asked how long it takes me to hook a large rug and most are surprised that it is far less time than they imagine.  This 5×7 rug was completed in approximately 40 days.  Hooking a large rug is no different than hooking a small mat.  Just be sure to have enough wool to complete your rug.  Colour plan in a palette that you love and works well in your home ensuring that it will be enjoyed  for many years and generations.  If you work with quality materials and good equipment your experience in hooking a large rug will be a joy.

I encourage anyone who has been longing to start a large rug and am happy to answer any questions that may arise.  Feel free to stop in the studio with your project or send me an email with your inquiries.

2 thoughts on “New Patterns and Big Rugs”

  1. what frame set up do you use for your large rug projects. I have multiple size small/ish frames but nothing really suitable for large and I find moving rug on small pulls on loops. any recommendations for suitable frames would be appreciated.

    thank you,
    p.s. just made a wool order from you. looking forward to more hooking.

    1. Hi Sherry. Thank you for the order. The frame I use most for all sizes is the Beeline 14″ orbiting floor frame (not the traveling). It is a metal frame which withstands the weight of large rugs. I have hooked many room sized rugs on this frame. You can see it on the Beeline Art Tools website.

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