New Patterns…abstracts and primitive

Abstract 1
Abstract 1 – 11.5×9 inches 27.00

I have been in the mood for something new and colourful lately and the results are  four new patterns which are abstract in design.   For lack of a better name I’ve named them Abstract 1 through 4.  These small table mats have been hooked in vibrant colour plans which I seem to be attracted to these days.  A friend and fellow rug hooker made a comment one day which has stuck with me, “Why do we decorate with bright colours in the summer and in the winter we dull it down?  We should use bright, light colours in the winter when we need a lift.”  Maybe not her exact words but you get the idea.   I believe she has a valid point. When the weather is gloomy and cold, and the sun seldom makes an appearance, colour in the home brightens our spirits and lifts our moods.  These little mats can add a nice little splash of colour on a table.  Perhaps on a small table beside a chair where you sit and have your morning coffee.  The abstract design can work well with almost any decorating style.  These little mats are a quick project that will use up lots of those little bits of wool and they make excellent gifts.

Abstract 2
Abstract 2 – 20.5×8 inches 30.00
Abstract 4
Abstract 4 – 9.5×20 inches 30.00
Abstract 3
Abstract 3 – 9×20.5 inches 30.00











With the gift giving season approaching, Ive designed three other new small patterns which are  traditional in design, although they can be quite contemporary with a more vibrant colour plan.  The Checkered Leaf runner, the Leaf Coasters and the Weathervane Horse.  The leaf coaster comes with four patterns on one piece of linen.   These small patterns  hook up quickly and make lovely hostess gifts.  All are now available on the pattern pages of my website.

Leaf coaster
Leaf coaster 6×6 30.00
Weathervane Horse
Weathervane Horse 12×20 30.00
Checkered Leaves
Checkered Leaves 11.5×26 38.00
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