New!! Irish (aka Hartman) Bent Fine Hook – 3mm

It has arrived!  Fine cut rug hookers….this one is for you.  The newest addition to our Irish hook collection (aka Hartman) is a 3mm bent pear handle hook.  For many years I have been hearing requests for a hook that was fine enough for #3 and #4 cut strips and also features a bent shank.  This Irish hook is exceptional.  It is light in weight and the yew handle is sanded to a silky smoothness which feels very comfortable in the hand.  The harpoon style brass tip is perfectly crafted for fine strips as well as finer yarns.  The bent hook is highly recommended for those who hold their hook in the palm of the hand as it reduced the flexing of your wrist.  This is especially important if you suffer from carpel tunnel syndrome.  The bent hook does the flexing for you!  Try one today!

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