New Dyed Striated Wool

New Striated dyed wool by Carla Lesar-Kumer
New Striated dyed wool by Carla Lesar-Kumer on the right of photo

If you happened to stop by my booth at the OHCG annual this past May, then you may have noticed a new line of striated dyed wool.  This dyed wool line was created by my daughter, Carla.  She was assisting me with my dyeing for the show and was fascinated with the process.  After mastering spot dyeing, she shooed me out of the dye kitchen and proceeded to create a new line of dyed wools unlike any I have seen before.  The striated wools are dyed in wonderful rich and vibrant colour combinations.  They sold very quickly at the conference, and Carla is dyeing up more for the studio.  The variety of colour and values in one piece of wool is perfect for so many applications.

Many are curious as to how it could be used in our hooking.  Ive decided to hook  a couple of the striated wools in this new pattern called Abstract Roses, also designed by Carla, in order to demonstrate the effect of the wool.  I plan on cutting

Abstract roses with striated wool
Abstract roses with striated wool

the wool parallel with the stripes and hook the individual petals with the different colours or values.  The beauty of this wool is that even though there are a variety of colours in the one piece of wool, they work well together as they have been “married” in the dye bath. Cant wait to get started.  I will post the finished piece when it is all done.  I expect it will be hooked up quickly.

Striated wool, pink lemonade
Striated wool, pink lemonade



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