New Christmas Pattern

Just in time for the holidays…”Holiday Blossom” is a new pattern now available in studio and on the website.  White Poinsettias are my favourite for the season.  They are elegant and brighten up your décor.  The large blossom is a natural for finer painterly style hooking, although the scale would allow for a wide cut.  This was hooked in MANY colours of the softest shades I had in cuts from 3 to 6.  It measures 14×14 and can easily be hooked up in time for Christmas, especially if you hook it in wider cuts.  The background is a winner in this piece.  I’m using “Distant Hills Dark” from my mottled dyed solids wool collection.  The rich gray/lavender colour is perfect for today’s decorating trends.  It accentuates the soft purples that are used in the shadowed area of the flower petals and doesn’t overpower the overall mat.  Unfortunately I wont finish this piece in time as I am currently working on a custom rug and on a deadline.  However, I would love to see any photos of your completed “Holiday Blossom”.  Feel free to send pictures so that I can share them.

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