Knitting With Silk Sari Ribbon

Yes!  You can knit with silk sari ribbon.   Since we will be featuring our complete line of “Studio Line Silk Sari Ribbon” at the Woodstock Fleece festival in a few weeks, I thought we should show how it knits up.  My sister, generously offered to create this pillow using the col. Multi.   The result is a wonderful bohemian pillow.  Fabulous color and texture!   If you are interested in creating one of these for your home, read on for directions.

Bohemian Silk Sari Pillow

4 skeins col. Multi “Studio Line Silk Sari Ribbon , 19US (15mm) circular needles

Cast on 35 stitches and knit in the round to your desired length or until you run out of ribbon.  Seam together one end.  Insert a pillow form then seam it closed.    Finished pillow is approx. 20×20  The insert we used was a black 20×20 pillow from Ikea


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