Is There Anything Good About November?

"Pair of Pumpkins"
“Pair of Pumpkins”

November has a reputation of being a lousy month.  The beautiful leaves have all blown off the trees and the ones still clinging on are dried up and brown.  The weather normally gets cold without the benefit of a pretty blanket of snow to compensate for the dropping mercury.  Its not very pretty, however our temperatures this month have been very spring-like.  I am definitely not complaining about the November of 2015.  I know its still early in the month but I’m enjoying the warmth while it’s still here.

Once Halloween has past, it feels like fall is over.  We begin to focus on Christmas when in fact the fall season is still here.  Fall is my favourite time of the year and it always feels too short.  Our seasonal décor for  autumn makes such a brief appearance, it is hardly noticed  so I decided to hook “Pair of Pumpkins” in non traditional fall colours.  The white pumpkins and blue-green background create a mat that can be used year round.   Typical fall colour plans don’t work for every décor, so some people shy away from seasonal patterns.  This little mat shows that you can adapt them to suit your tastes and style quite successfully.  Not every pumpkin has to be orange!

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