Introducing……”Studio Linen”

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our newest product…..”Studio Linen”. Our linen is milled with high quality European linen which creates a strong  foundation for your rugs    It measures 66” wide and is 12×12 threads to the square inch.  This weave density is suitable for strip sizes from #4 and up to your widest wool strips or chunkiest yarns.  “Studio Linen” is milled with long staple fibers creating a very strong thread that is difficult to break and results in a clean hairless finish.

Why linen? Bottom line….it is the strongest, longest lasting foundation for your rugs.  It can be washed and won’t deteriorate in damp conditions.  Linen is made from the fibers of the flax plant and when the processing is kept to a minimum, the cloth retains its natural colouring and the hay like scent of the flax is still vaguely detectable until it dissipates. We chose not to bleach our linen in order to maintain the structural integrity of the fibers and to minimize the effects of processing on the environment.

The regular price is 36.00 per yard but for a limited time we are offering our linen at a special introductory price of 35.00 per yard. These prices are in Canadian funds and orders over 150.00 qualify for free shipping.  This special ends October 31st and is valid online and in studio.  No coupon code is required.  You can find it on the “New Arrivals” and “Supplies” pages on the website.  Phone in orders are always welcome.

As always we value your opinions and welcome all feedback on any of our products.

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