Introducing…Our own “Studio Natural” Wool

Designed and milled to our specifications, we are pleased to bring you “Studio Natural”……

Fiber artists love to work with textured wool.  In rug hooking, textures create a significantly different appearance than dyed wools.  Rows of hooked textures will blur and soften as opposed to dyed and solid wools.  If you observe a mat that has been hooked with dyed or solid wools you will notice very distinctive rows whereas with a texture, rows will not be as obvious and color and design is seen first.  This is more evident in wider cut hooking and one of the reasons many wide cut rug hookers prefer textures.
In many cases, textures are not suitable for very fine cuts due to the looser weave of these fabrics, therefore limiting the textural effects fine cut artists miss out on.  In my experience, whatever the style, most rug hooking artists would love to incorporate dyed wool that hooks like a texture and is able to hold up to a finer cut.   With this said, I am pleased to introduce our newest addition….Studio Natural.  Studio Natural embodies the best features of both types of wool.  It is a slightly coarser weave which creates softer blurred loops like a texture and woven tight enough to cut #3 strips.  Studio Natural is 13.5 ounces to the yard which dyes beautifully and cuts like butter.  It doesn’t require any adjustments to your dye formulas.  We tested our formulas and the results are the same. I invite you to try our new wool and explore the possibilities.

The photo of the hooked strips shows a #3 and a #8 cut dyed sample.  These are photographed very close so you do see the loops and rows quite distinctly. This is why we encourage you to try out one of our free samples. As you can see my skills at hooking fine cut strips is somewhat lacking.
For our Canadian customers, if you would like to try before you buy, send us a regular sized, self addressed, stamped envelope and we will happily send you a free dyed sample of our new “Studio Natural”.  Samples are also available in the studio.

Price per yard in Canadian Funds 36.00

9 thoughts on “Introducing…Our own “Studio Natural” Wool”

  1. I often use textures to dye but never sure what i will end up with because i am starting with a colour no matter how pale [ gray beige pale herringbones]. I will definitely be ordering some. Pauline

  2. You ship to states? How much in U.S.? Sorry I don’t know conversions and don’t know how to do lol
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Tammy. Shipping to the US is 13.50 in US funds. If you order over 150.00 then it is free ship. For your convenience, there is a currency converter on the top right of your screen on the website where you can select US funds. Thanks for your inquiry.

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