Introducing…New Patterns by Artist, J.E. Bailey

J.E. Bailey

Canadian Artist, J.E.Bailey (Elizabeth) creates artwork that delights audiences at home and internationally. Unique and unapologetically playful, this artist believes meaningful messages can be communicated through whimsy and laughter. “Joy and delight are a shared language.” Distinctly Canadian in character, much of what Elizabeth depicts reveals the nature of the home she loves and the illusive Canadian National identity captured in treasured iconic images. With a vibrant palette, a quirky and humorous outlook, this artist has an uncanny ability to capture those things we hold most dear. Elizabeth has granted us the exclusive license to produce her delightful art into rug hooking patterns. Her body of work is extensive and we had a challenging task selecting the first images to launch this line. They are all so wonderful that it was difficult to choose. Patterns are hand drawn on linen foundation and a colour photo of the original artwork is included with every pattern. We invite you to browse through the 5 collections which are now available in the studio and on the website. New patterns will continue to be added to this collection as they are developed.

“The subject matter for many of my creations grew in childhood. Many hours spent sketching animals from the pages of Walter Fosters Learn to Draw Book, Doctor Doolittle singing of ‘Talking to the Animals’ and Thornton Burgess bedtime stories about the Green Meadow read to me by my father gave me a strong connection to nature. These things took root in my imagination and my mind’s eye began to conjure images of anthropomorphic animals dressed in flannel shirts and overalls, all sharing their world with mine. Each day I spend in my studio is a delight, as these characters come to life before me. Making things has been part of my DNA since before I became conscious of it. I love participating in any gesture that elicits in others a sense of joy and glee. Art, as I discovered, is one of the best ways to do that. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I have revelled in its creation.”

J.E. Bailey 

 There are 5 categories in the J.E. Bailey collection. Each category contains many wonderful patterns. The photos below represent what each has to offer.

 “Cottage Country” Collection

The Great White North evokes a feeling of strength, serenity and calm and hints at a place for retreat and rest. Having spent family holidays at a beloved summer cottage on the shores of Lake Bernard near Algonquin Park in Ontario, J.E.Bailey spent summer days, paddling canoes, searching for frogs, collecting waterlilies and gathering inspiration for her imagined world.

The Red Canoe

Head In the Clouds” Collection

Whimsy and playfulness are a long standing tradition of the folk art that Canada is known for. These elements are never far from J.E.Bailey’s creations and it is natural  that this artists feels so at home in this style of visual imagery. These reminiscent and gleeful works are sure to leave a smile on your face.

Jumping Over the Moon

“O’ Canada” Collection

 Creating wonderfully whimsical works of art is a dream come true for artist J.E.Bailey with all things Canadian to inspire her. Mounties, Moose, and a myriad of other iconic ‘Maple Leaf Forever’ images pepper her studio and sketch books.

Moose Crossing

“A Place Called Home” Collection

 ‘A Place Called Home’  could not be more true for this whimsical folk artist.  Living in a small hamlet in Halton Hills, where neighbours come together for community breakfasts, local celebrations and tubing down the Credit River, J.E. Bailey’s idyllic images come to life everyday. For this artist, there really is ‘no place like home’ and she is inspired every day by the goings on there.

Sap Buckets

“Down on the Farm” Collection

J.E.Bailey lived for a time in Bobcaygeon, Ontario. The girls loved to visit farms and so this artist began to paint pictures of all of the furry farm animals living in the area.  The children were often helpful assistants in the studio and these early years developing her whimsical style were inspired by the glee of viewing the world through the eyes of her two daughters.

Have you any wool?
We will be featuring all these patterns at the OHCG annual in London, however, if you would like to reserve any of these or other items, please email or call and we will have them ready for pick up at the booth.

To view the complete collection click on this link

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    I recall her speaking to GRHG a couple years ago. I bought some cards and asked her to do me a pattern. So now I can get one. I thought her name was Janet Bailey but guess she is now using Elizabeth
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