Introducing….Martina Lesar Wool

I am very pleased to introduce the newest addition to the studio….our own line of wool fabric.  Our premiere collection was designed and milled to very high standards.  It is 100% new wool in a 14 ounce weight which will cut into finer strips without fraying.  The colours were specifically selected in a brighter palette and in combinations that will create multiple effects from one piece of wool.   Cottage country was the inspiration for this collection, so it was inevitable that the names reflect our beloved  northern playground.  As part of our celebration we start by offering you a 10% discount on these wools until January 1st 2018.  Use coupon code “lovewool” when checking out to apply the discount.  Prices on the website are in Canadian funds, which for our U.S. friends is a considerable savings.  For studio visitors, the same discount will apply.  So without further ado, we begin with….

Red Canoe

An incredible rich red and pumpkin plaid with endless applications….autumn leaves, sunsets, flowers, houses and of course…canoes. 

Muskoka Moss

A lively combination of warm and cool green.  A must for trees, grasses and leaves.  Light and shadows in one piece. 

Algonquin Gold

A wonderful combination of buttery yellow and autumn gold…great addition for fall leaves, houses, flowers…especially sunflowers! 

Georgian Bay Blue

a hint of plaid in a lovely heathered blue…perfect skies and water

 Painted Cottage

Three soft shades of ivory create a subtle, vanilla plaid.  Overdyes beautifully!



8 thoughts on “Introducing….Martina Lesar Wool”

  1. So Happy for you,
    thanks for doing such a great job of keeping us supplied with top notch Canadian products. Gail

  2. Martina, I just stumbled here after first seeing your pattern hooked by a friend Jackie Roop. I love these wonderful exciting wools. Although I already have a 50 year supply of wool I am strongly tempted to buy some!

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