Introducing Common Craft Patterns

We are pleased to announce that Bear Epp of Common Craft has agreed to create a collection of rug hooking patterns exclusively for the studio.  If you have been following her on social media sites, you are sure to be familiar with her incredible hooked rugs.  Bear describes herself as a “Contemporary Folklorist” and her works have wonderful stories to tell through imagery that is often edgy.

The Forgotten Language of Nature pattern series is in response to The Lost Words, an illustrated book of nature words that have fallen out of common usage among today’s children. Words, now, so rarely used that they cease to exist as entries in the Oxford Junior Dictionary. Each pattern is a celebration and lamentation of these lost words; bluebells, barn owls, acorns, hares and more combined with darker images of bloodshed and tears as a comment on the beauty and tragic loss of the connection between childhood and the natural world.

Forgotten Language of Nature
Barn Owl, Mistletoe & Acorn with Dropped Diamond Quilt Pattern
22×29  75.00 Can$ (shipping is free on orders over 50.00)

The Barn Owl is the first in the collection with more on the drawing board, see the Hare and Raven patterns below.  All  patterns are hand drawn on linen and straight on the grain with a minimum of a 4” allowance beyond the edge of the pattern so that they fit easily into a hoop.  Your patten will also include a hand coloured image.
See more of Bear Epp’s work on her instagram page  @commoncraft_elora and facebook common craft elora or click here to shop…

The studio is open by appointment until further notice.  Feel free to call or email to book your visit. 

Barn Owl, Mistletoe and Acorn
Hare, Buttercup and Bluebell (coming soon)

Raven, Conker, Dandelion and Fern (coming soon)



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