Ice and Snow – Time to get out of Dodge!

I have salted 4 times now and the cold is not allowing it to do its job.  A thick layer of ice is now covered with a dusting of snow which is even more treacherous.  Unless you have cleats on your boots I would advise not to make a trip to the studio today.

I am done with this weather so I am taking a mini holiday. I’ve invited a few friends to head up to the cottage for a few days of uninterrupted hooking, good food, good wine, bad movies and lots of laughs.  I will now be able to get this little mat hooked which was supposed to be done for Christmas 2016 but now it will be done early for Christmas 2017.  Woohoo!  Studio will be closed Wednesday Feb. 15th and I will return rested and ready to start preparing for the April events.  Stay warm and safe everyone.

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