Fabulous Attendance at Rug Sale

Over 200 hooked rugs and accessories were an awesome sight displayed in the historic Melville White Church.  The antique rug display was an incredible opportunity to see, in person, examples of historic rugs that some of us have only seen in photos.  The Rittermere Hurst Field collection was truly a treat for collectors and primitive rug hookers.  Three of the mats were early examples of rugs hooked with vegetable dyed brin and in excellent condition.  My personal favourite was a  very early 1900’s brin hooked horse head mat.  Most definitely museum worthy.  Im certain that the large number of  rug hookers in attendance will agree that this was a rare opportunity to  be inspired by this rich display of historical rugs.

Brin hooked rug
Brin hooked rug

Despite the rainy weather, attendance was wonderful.  Thank you to all who braved the wet weather to support our cause, which was of course to present an opportunity to non hookers to acquire hooked rugs but primarily to educate, inspire and promote rug hooking.  With an incredible variety of styles, colours  and sizes of rugs, there was something for every taste and budget.

I would like to thank all the rug hookers who submitted items for the sale, Andrea Shepard for the opportunity to showcase her fabulous collection and most of all a great big thank you to my “go to” girls…Audrey, Jane, Debbie and Cheryl  for all their tireless help with the set up and sale.

My camera didn’t do the display justice especially since the light was flooding in when I was taking them and they all appear washed out.  However, Jane’s husband Eric took many photos which I will post as soon as I get them.  Check back soon for a visual treat.

Thank you!


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