Celebrating Spring with New Arrivals! WOOL!

Spring is the time of year we celebrate new arrivals and we are pleased to announce the arrival of our new additions to the “Martina Lesar Wool Fabric” line.   Over the years I searched for certain colors in textured wool, without luck.  Now that I am designing my own line of wool, I am able to bring these much desired selections to you.  A vintage dark wool was at the top of the list which resulted in creating Kodiak Bear.  Icefields is a soft grey wool that is a staple in a rug hookers stash.  North Shore, Killarney and Violet Hill were designed in a cleaner, brighter palette to introduce vibrancy and light in your mats.  The patterns are subtle in this collection and work brilliantly with each other.  Violet Hill and North Shore can be combined to create amazing sky and seascapes.  Have a closer look below at each individual wool and imagine all the new possibilities with textures.

Violet Hill                     Kodiak Bear                      Killarney                      Icefields               North Shore

Kodiak Bear

A favourite for an antique black background.  Dark but not harsh, with just enough pattern to create a soft mottled effect.  Animals, roofs, houses, tree trunks, rocky shores, dark skies and borders…use it wherever you need a soft alternative to black.  Excellent for outlining objects that require a softer line.

Violet Hill

 A pleasant coincidence….Pantone’s color of the year is Ultra Violet which is incredibly similar to our Violet Hill.  The soft blue lines create and interesting effect when it is hooked.   It combines beautifully with North Shore.  Amazing skies and seascapes, brilliant for flowers and gardens.  How about a purple dress?  And an absolute must for paisley patterns!


Green is a color that we just never have enough of in our stash.  It is usually the first that needs to be replenished as so many of us love to hook nature inspired mats.   This fresh green with very subtle blue lines create magnificent leaves and landscapes.

North Shore

A heathery, fresh denim blue with stripes of Violet Hill hook incredible skies and seascapes.  The light dances off this wool.


A very soft heather grey and natural create this wonderful plaid.  Excellent for shadows in your winter snow scenes, houses, paisleys and so much more.  An essential staple for your wool stash.

This wool collection is now available in studio and website on the wool/fiber pages under Martina Lesar Wool Fabric.   Our prices are listed in Canadian funds.  For our U.S. customers we have added a new feature to the website….a currency converter.  You will find it at the top right hand corner of your screen where you can select US funds to make your shopping experience easier.  Happy Spring!

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