Boho Paisley Pattern – NEW

"Boho Paisley"  19x20  45.00 on linen
“Boho Paisley” 19×20 45.00 on linen

My daughters have recently taken an interest in decorating since they are moving into houses near their universities in the fall.   Suddenly, my rug hooking is becoming quite desirable to them as long as I use colours that they prefer and in designs that appeal to them.  My daughter requested a pillow for her room in a paisley design and in bright colours. Her taste for this season is very bohemian.  I took up the task enthusiastically as I was looking for a project that was quite outside the box for me….bright colours and finer cuts (#4’s and #5’s!!!)  As it turns out I really loved it.  The result is “Boho Paisley” which I have now added as a pattern on my website.  It is a nice size at 19×20 and the best aspect is that it is a great stash buster.  I managed to use all kinds of bits of wool, even the most garish, bright colours that I never would have considered using  in my rugs before, worked beautifully in this piece.  It was a wonderful learning experience which I quite enjoyed and now I find myself looking at my “never gonna use” wool stash with appreciation instead of apprehension.  Who knew?

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