BBQ/ Hook In – This Thursday!

If you are on our guest list for our BBQ/hook in, please read on….We have been keeping an eye on the weather forecasts and it has been decided that we will have the bbq/hook in on Thursday.  The forecast is showing a mainly sunny day with a few clouds and a very slight risk (30% chance) of a sprinkle in late afternoon (1mm)  We have a lot of tents for cover just in case.  Temperature is forecast at 26 degrees.  We will have bottled water but encourage you to bring a refillable bottle to minimize plastic waste.  Water bottles can be refilled in the studio kitchen.  Also to reduce waste, feel free to bring your mugs for coffee or tea.  Again, we will have paper cups available should anyone need one.  The event will run from 10-3.
Once again we will have valet parking for your convenience and you will be assisted with unloading your vehicles.  Please don’t forget your chairs.

I have had some inquiries regarding vegan/vegetarian options on the grill.  As much as I would love to accommodate all preferences,  it would be impossible to keep the grill free of meat products for non meat foods.  However, be assured that hearty salads which are vegan/vegetarian friendly will be served as well.

BBQ ribs
BBQ gourmet beef burgers
European/German potato salad (no mayo or egg)
Mixed Bean salad with a vinegrette/oil dressing

Lots of desserts compliments of my Thursday hookers!

Reminder:   Entrance fee is 10.00 which will be collected when you arrive.  Raffle tickets will be 2 for 5.00, 5 for 10.00 or your best deal 20 tickets for 20.00
Tickets sales proceeds will be donated to the North American Hooked Rug Museum. Lots of really big prizes!!!! Entrance fee and tickets sales will be cash only.

I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday.  And don’t forget your hooking!

Please note that this event is fully booked and the studio will be open for guests only on Thursday.



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  1. Thank you ….I enjoyed the food , friends {new and old} and had a wonderful day. Betty

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