A Surprise in Every Box….

Every time my order of silk sari ribbon arrives, it’s like Christmas.  Even though I select colours through photos via emails, what arrives is never quite as pictured.  This package in particular took me back….. to my high school years!.  The silk pictured above is the exact fabric of my prom dress.  Ugh on the dress but an iridescent and sumptuous colour for rug hooking. As you can guess, we named it “Prom Dress”.  There are only a few of these available and quite honestly I don’t recall ordering it, but so glad to have it.  A nostalgic surprise.  Another new arrival is printed chiffon silk.  Incredible mix of colours and prints in one skein.  If you are looking for a mix of greens, then check out “Field of Greens”.  Deep shades of emerald and spruce mixed with bright avocados is irresistible.  The new “African Violet” silk is exactly the rich purples of the potted violets that grew on my mom’s window sill.  More nostalgia.   We try and capture the colours in the photos, but the nuances in each skein can only be appreciated in person.  These new arrivals are now available on the website under “Alternative Fibers” on the Wool/Fiber pages.

Printed Silk Chiffon
Field of Greens
African Violet
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