A Sale to Remember

Mother Nature was not our friend on the sale weekend. The two days were grey
and foggy but the big tent, filled with over 250 hooked pieces was the
promised riot of colour. It may have been dull outside but inside was
anything but.

From orientals to vintage Cheticamp, from square hooked footstools to round
chair pads,  large floor rugs to small coasters there was something in
size,  color and style for every taste.

     It was a display of new and vintage, fine cut, wide cut, shading and primitives. The world of rug hooking was on display.

We were exceptionally pleased with the response we got to the sale. We were
also surprised with just what items sold. What we thought might not appeal
to many, sold,  and the pieces that we thought were sure things did not. Is
there a lesson there?

The rug hooking community visited us as did neighbours, friends and the just
plain curious and interested.  “I don’t know anything about hooked rugs
but I saw the sign so I came to take a look”  was the refrain that Martina
and I heard again and again over the weekend.

We were glad to talk about rug hooking, it’s history, the techniques and
different styles, as part of the reason for the sale was to get the art of
hooking out to the public. People were eager to learn and judging by the
large numbers who signed up for Martina’s up-coming beginner classes
we made a lot of converts. We welcome these new members to the world of wool

We were extremely happy to receive the un-ending compliments on the visual
displays. After all, who doesn’t like compliments and lots of them. We had
worked very hard to show each piece to its best advantage and I think this
was accomplished as the sales were brisk. Those who bought walked away with
a smile, knowing that they were leaving with a handmade gem or two or three.
I know those smiles weren’t just from the cookies and coffee, although I
have so say the goodies were pretty exceptional.

By the end of the sale, although tired, footsore and hungry ( who had time
to eat?) Martina and I both were smiling. We had accomplished a successful
sale, provided lots of information about rug hooking and hopefully expanded
an appreciation for the art.

The tent is down now. The racks are bare. The cookie plates are empty. We
however, are filled with new ideas and lots of excitement for the next sale.
We have started dreaming about it already. Hopefully that dream will become
a reality. We also hope that Mother Nature will be friendlier next time.

Cheers, Jane

I add my thanks to Martina’s one to all those who generously gave of their
work , their time and their encouragement and enthusiasm. They helped us
make our first sale the success it was. It could not have happened without

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